Wasabi Anything Sauce 500ml

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Wasabi Anything Sauce 500ml

199 kr 99 kr

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Wasabi all natural anything sauce is definitely “wasssup”! It’s a perfect marinade for fish and seafood. It is very mild and will not blow your head off, we promise! Add it to your tuna fish instead of mayonnaise, or as a condiment on a fish sandwich. Wasabi anything sauce is excellent for sautéing vegetables, or mushrooms, and as a surprisingly delicious salad dressing or dipping sauce. We use on the outside of grilled cheese as a butter substitute!”

Made with non-GMO expeller pressed canola oil.
All natural.
Nothing artificial.
No gluten.
No carbs.
No dairy.
No egg.
No sugar.
No msg.
No soy.
… and yes, delicious!


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